About the Artist

Larry Ross is a urologic surgeon, a past head of a university urology department and past president of the world’s largest urology association. He is also an artist, coming from a family of artists. His mother was and his sister is a painter. He studied drawing and painting at the Art Institute of Chicago, sculpture with the artist Harry Green, and advanced digital photography at Columbia College of Chicago.

In both his work in surgery and his personal life, he has traveled throughout the world. The camera has been his artistic tool of choice and with it he works to learn about the world and its people and to capture them and their lives in vibrant images.

“Although I work daily with my patients, I have had to learn the skill of approaching total strangers in remote villages, unable to speak their language, earn their trust and confidence, through a smile or gesture, so that they are comfortable with the camera as I photograph them. As a surgeon, I am a visual person, and that internal skill is required to successfully care for each patient. As an artist, I use my visual skills to create photographic images of people and their communities. Their stories are told in their surroundings and in their faces.”

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